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Hiespread Solutions LLP is an innovative consumer and business electronics and software products which are developed by the experienced team of engineers. Operating and managing by the seasoned professionals having various industries experience. Hiespread Solutions LLP, incorporated in the year of 2016. The objective of the incorporation of the company is to identify and solve the problems of the market using highly innovative techniques and methods. Complete focus of the company is in customers’ problem solving and on innovation. It is an absolutely customer-centric company.


Hiespread is launching it’s a new mobile app for parents and kids. Parents are worried about the mobile addiction of their kids, suffering from psychological and hormonal problems of kids, the irregular routines of the kids. HomeMobiCare app is a parental control app which has no monitoring features because we respect our customers’ privacy and this really does not solve the problems so we provide the freedom to parents to control their kids’ mobiles. Know more about HomeMobiCare app.


Hiespread is launching it’s new business application for Engineering Procurement Constructions Companies to see the daily progress of the projects on the site. MyPMS is a simple project management app to provide daily reports from the field to the base and head offices. Get the daily progress reports and material consumption on site on daily basis is very complex and due to this, there is an incremental gap in the project delays which ultimately is the financial loss of the company. Small EPC contractors cannot afford the large complex ERP and Project Management system. MyPMS is the best option for them.

My Mobility Management - The Best EMM and MDM Product

Hiespread Solutions is extremely glad and proud to introduce a brilliant
mobility management product by the name of “MyMobilityManagement” (MyMoM). This is one of the simple, effective and affordable Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) product for SMEs and Large Enterprises. It is a unique product compare to other existing products in the market.

Enterprises always wanted to integrate the mobile devices effectively in their business workflow but it was difficult to control and manage the devices to provide the expected results. Even few such products are available in the market but it is expensive and complicates. But now with MyMobilityManagement, everything goes simple and easy.

DigitalCatalogue : MyCatalogue

Many of the shop owners shared that they are not able to attend all their customers with the equal attention, not able to showcase their all products in short duration which may be liked by the customers, the knowledge and information of likings of the products by the customers irrespective of the sales are always stuck or depend on the counter salesperson.


Do you also face the similar situations in your shop? Please visit..

DigitalAlbum : MyAlbum

In India, marriage is one of the biggest rituals of the life. The entire moments of this ritual are recorded and stored in photo albums and video cd/DVD which captures by the hired photographers. Unfortunately, these moments lost after few months and years because no one wants to carry the physical photo albums and CDs & DVDs. People are not able to cherish these moments and other life moments except with the low resolution and low-quality pictures on social media and WhatsApp. Even with some devices, they can share the images but not able to edit with that devices. This means there is no dedicated single device can store, edit, display and share the pictures of own with your loved ones.

Upcoming Product

My EduCare

We always thrive to give you more,You can Download Brochure For our Upcoming Product MyEduCare

Hiespread Products give J-Curve to your business

Why are we ultimate choice of our customers?

Hiespread is a customer-centric company and always be with its customers. We believe that the customers’ requirements are changing time to time to grow the businesses, Hiespread knows those changes to grow your businesses by customizing the product and solutions as per your specific business requirements.

Hiespread has a belief that customer support is a most important function along with other to get the best benefits from our products and solutions. We want our customers should be “Co-Creator” of the products and solutions which allows the highest possibilities of the customization for their business requirements.

Hiespread is a perfect “Gap Partner” to solve your problems and achieve your business goals. Our customers’ success is our success.